Human Services BS / Public Administration MPA

Career and Academic Opportunities 

The Double Owl Pathway in Human Services-Public Administration is an ideal program for students desiring a career in public service, including public or nonprofit management, and/or public policy. As public institutions become more complex, if you can navigate the internal politics of large organizations, you will be highly valued – regardless if the organization is private sector, government, or other nonprofit. The focus on critical thinking and people management skills makes an MPA the advanced degree of the future.

The Pathway provides a focused and interactive educational experience designed to equip students desiring a career in public service with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Students who completed the Human Services undergraduate major and Master of Public administration have gone onto careers in executive management, program development, fund development, and volunteer management for nonprofit organizations; the Peace Corps; public and program management at the local and state level; higher education administration and program development in the area of student retention and advising services; health care management; and community development. Some graduates also complete a second master’s in the areas of Business Administration, Social Work, and Public Health or a Ph.D. in Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Health, Social Work or obtain a Juris Doctorate.

Sample Academic Plan

Suggested Timeline 

Apply to Double Owl early in Junior year. Apply to Graduate Program in Senior Year by posted graduate program deadline. Students can be identified in Sophomore year and early Junior year (i.e., once students meet -- or are close to meeting --- credit hour and other requirements).

Apply Here 

    • PAD 6250 to count for HS 3500
    • PAD 6200 to count for Upper Division Concentration Elective for the Major
    • PAD 7180 to count for Upper Division Concentration Elective for the Major
  • For current admission requirements please click here
    • Undergraduate Degree
      • Bachelor of Science in Human Services
    • Department / College
      • Social Work and Human Services / Wellstart College of Health and Human Services
    • Advising Contact
      • Dr. Jennifer Wade-Berg, Program Director
      • 470-578-2878
      •  Prillaman Hall, Room 3300
    • Graduate Degree
      • Master of Public Administration
    • Department / College
      • School of Government and International Affairs / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Advising Contact
      • Maureen Wilson, Advisor
      • 470-578-7869
      • Social Science Building, Room 5032
  • Complete the online application here to apply.

    The undergraduate and graduate programs will review your academic record.

    You will receive an email to your KSU student email account with the decision.