History BA / Public Administration MPA

Career and Academic Opportunities

The History BA/MPA Double Owl Pathway provides humanities majors with a clear career trajectory and provides the MPA with an additional source of well-qualified and motivated students. Graduates of the history major are skilled in critical thinking, research and writing, and have content knowledge of politics, public service and government affairs over time. History majors will have completed course work in US, world and European history, thus contributing to their abilities to understand and participate in multicultural contexts. The partnership between these programs strengthens the relationships between the Humanities and the Social Sciences within our College.

In addition to careers listed as typical for the MPA: Urban Planner, Human Resources Management, Federal Compliance officer, Insurance Benefits Compliance, Administrative Services Manager
Emergency Management, students with the combined History BA and MPA might expect to pursue careers in managing NGOs, management/administrator in humanities related organizations and other public service related fields. The combined degrees are excellent background for those intending to pursue a degree in law.

Sample Academic Plan

Suggested Timeline

Students should apply to this Double Owl Pathway in the second semester of their sophomore year.

Apply Here

    • 3.25 KSU GPA
    • 60 hours toward the bachelors degree
    • 30 hours at KSU
    • PAD 6200 to count for Upper-Division Elective
    • PAD 6250 to count for Upper-Division Elective
    • PAD 6300 to count for Upper-Division Elective
  • For current admission requirements please click here.

    • Undergraduate Degree
      • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
    • Department / College
      • History and Philosophy / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Advising Contact
      • Dr. Bryan McGovern, Department Chair
      • bmcgover@kennesaw.edu
      • 470-578-2296
      • Social Science Building, Room 4128
    • Graduate Degree
      • Master of Public Administration
    • Department / College
      • School of Government and International Affairs / Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Advising Contact
      • Maureen Wilson, Advisor
      • mwils152@kennesaw.edu
      • 470-578-7869
      • Social Science Building, Room 5032
  • Complete the online application here to apply.

    The undergraduate and graduate programs will review your academic record.

    You will receive an email to your KSU student email account with the decision.