Cybersecurity BS / Software Engineering MS

Career and Academic Opportunities:

This accelerated pathway will give students a unique preparation for developing software while focusing on the security requirements of the product. This will position them as the best candidate for the team leader positions in all the developing companies or for security experts positions in software teams. Also, this pathway will allow a student to complete undergraduate and graduate studies within 5 years, thus allowing them to reach the job market timely.

Sample Academic Plan

Suggested Timeline 

Apply to Double Owl early in Junior year. Apply to Graduate Program in Senior Year by posted graduate program deadline. Students can be identified in Sophomore year and early Junior year (i.e., once students meet -- or are close to meeting --- credit hour and other requirements).

Apply Here 

    • GPA: 3.25 or above in KSU undergraduate coursework
    • Minimum 60 hours completed toward Bachelors degree
    • 30 hours completed in residence at KSU
    • Recommendation letter from 2 KSU faculty familiar with the student.
      • Letters should be sent to Dr. Paola Spoletini at
  • Pre-requisite CS 3305

    Required Paired Courses

    • SWE 6623 to count for CYBR Elective 2
    • SWE 6633 to count for CYBR Elective 3

    Choose one Paired Course from below:

    • SWE 6863 to count for CYBR 4853
    • SWE 6863 to count for CYBR 4305
    • SWE 6823 to count for CYBR 4893
  • For current admission requirements please click here.

    • Undergraduate Degree
      • Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity
    • Department / College
      • Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development
    • Advising Contact
    • Graduate Degree
      • Master of Science in Software Engineering
    • Department / College
      • Software Engineering / College of Computing and Software Engineering
    • Advising Contact
  • Complete the online application here to apply.

    The undergraduate and graduate programs will review your academic record.

    You will receive an email to your KSU student email account with the decision.