Information Technology BS / Healthcare Management and Informatics MS

Career and Academic Opportunities:

Healthcare Management and Informatics is one of the fastest growing fields with high workforce needs to support the delivery and practice of 21st century healthcare. A degree in IT provides students with the background in technology which coupled with health informatics knowledge will certainly provide an accelerated path to success for interested students.

Sample Academic Plan

Suggested Timeline

Apply to Double Owl early in Junior year. Apply to Graduate Program in Senior Year by posted graduate program deadline. Students can be identified in Sophomore year and early Junior year (i.e., once students meet -- or are close to meeting --- credit hour and other requirements).

Apply Here 

    • KSU GPA of at least 3.00
    • 60 hours completed towards Bachelors degree
    • HMI 7510 to count for IT 3503
    • HMI 7520 to count for IT3703/FTA 4005
  • For current admission requirements please click here.
    • Undergraduate Degree
      • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    • Department / College
      • Information Technology / College of Computing and Software Engineering
    • Advising Contact
      • Ashley McClure, Advisor
      • 470-578-6823
      • Rm. 267, J Building
    • Graduate Degree
      • Master of Science in Healthcare Management Informatics
    • Department / College
      • Department of Information Systems / Coles College of Business
    • Advising Contact
      • Sweta Sneha, Program Director
      • 470-578-2436
      • Burruss Building, Room 491
  • Complete the online application here to apply.

    The undergraduate and graduate programs will review your academic record.

    You will receive an email to your KSU student email account with the decision.